Monday, August 29, 2011

Are you sure this place is here??

Lately we've been going to places we've never heard of and so far we're two for two!
Our venture last week was to The Dog and Duck Pub just off MacLeod and 53rd. Sounds easy enough to find right? NOT! It doesn't help that they are doing construction literally right in front of the place, so you've got to take back roads in the industrial area to find it. But once you do you're in for a treat. Housed in a buidling that I would assume was built in the early 1900's, it is stereotypical British Pub. Sketchy ghetto bathrooms downstairs where there is signs warning against flushing certain things including large wads of toilet paper. Haha. I'll be sure to remember that one :)

For a British Pub though, not a great beer on tap selection. Was hoping for a bit more authentic choices, but really only for Mike's sake. I'm a Canadian beer drinker through and through. Browsing the menu, I'm pretty impressed. Tons of typical pub food and they have chicken pot pie. It's gotta be better than The Berwick.

T: What are you getting?
M: Fuck it, I'm getting the Haggis.
T: Really???

Shucks, they are out of Haggis for the day. The menu claims it's made specifically for them by a local butcher and it is so popular it sells out almost every day. Weird, I think. Eating sheep intestine is not my idea of a good time. After the devastating news Mike decides to go for Two Bangers In Bed. I lol at the name of it. Yes, I'm twelve sometimes.

My chicken pot pie is great. It's almost like a Swanson TV Dinner version, but you can tell it is home made and fresh. Great crust, great filling and of course it has mashed potatoes and peas. mmmmmmmm. Mike's Bangers look awesome! A huge portion of meat on bread with a bit of horseradish. He says it is missing something, maybe a sauce, or a better gooey-er (is that a word?) cheese.

This pub has a great layout, a little dance floor/live band area and a large patio complpete with wooden picnic tables. And free soup at the front door! It was pretty empty when we were there, and we wondered what was their busy time. We want to come hang out here when they've got live entertainment and a full house. I imagine it would be a great time.

It may be a pain in the ass to find, but once you do it's worth it. I can see this becoming a fairly regular place for us to go, lord knows the two of us need more watering holes :/

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